Climbing Progression

There are two types of 'climber' ticket available at the Women's Trad Festival, the 'Climbing Progression' ticket and the Rescue Course. Read on for more information about who these tickets are for, and what's included. 

Climbing Progession ticket

Rescue Course

Who is this ticket for?

This ticket is for you if you fit any of the following:
- You can lead trad competently and now want to take the next step and progress further. 
- You’re keen to hone your crack climbing skills and improve your headgame in two focused master classes.

- You’ve come as a learner before and now wish to progress to a more independent festival experience. 
- You hope to meet other psyched, like-minded climbing partners.
- You’re not quite ready to be a leader, or just want a more relaxed weekend.


You MUST be able to lead trad climb competently and confidently from Diff upwards. You have your own climbing ropes and gear. You do not require instruction or support to go trad climbing in a pair.

What's included?

You will be paired up with another ‘Climbing Progression’ ticket holder of a similar ability to you, to go out climbing (or practicing your new skills!) in the Peak District.


You may choose to attend one or both of the half-day workshop we have on offer this year: a crack climbing master class and a headgame clinic.

Who is this ticket for?

This ticket is for you if you fit any of the following:
- You’re an experienced trad climber and wish to learn the skills, rope-work and techniques needed for self-rescue. 
- You climb in mountains and on sea cliffs, or remote locations where these skills could save lives. 
- You work as an RCI/SPA instructor and want to develop your practice. 
- You volunteer or take friends out climbing, especially multi-pitch or anywhere remote and wish to have the skills needed should an accident happen.


You MUST be able to lead trad climb competently and confidently.

What's included?

2 days of expert tuition, in a maximum ratio of 1:4 with experienced instructors, intensively focused on learning and honing the skills required to get you and your climbing partner out of potentially life-threatening situations. The course covers both single and multi pitch settings, mountain and sea-cliff environments. The instruction is very practically focused and you will go through scenarios and get experience carrying out practice rescues. 

Please see the bottom of the page for the full syllabus of this course.

Both ticket types will have the opportunity to try out gear from our sponsors, such as shoes, or a new piece of gear you’re considering purchasing. They both include Friday and Saturday night camping, a brightly coloured and ethically produced WTF2020 t-shirt, a sustainable goody bag filled with surprises from our sponsors, exclusive access to discounts with an independent retailer, Outside, and the opportunity to take part in various workshops and conversation sessions throughout the weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: We are an off-grid festival! You will need to bring a tent/camping equipment and be ready for a weekend without hot water, showers or anywhere to charge your phone. We encourage you to use the festival as an opportunity for a digital detox. We have private cold water washing facilities and gender-neutral loos on site. A limited number of van tickets will be available at an additional cost of £20.

Price: £115 (Climbing Progression) & £130 (Rescue Course)

The ballot for tickets will open on 15th March. Please check back then to apply for a ticket.

Rescue Course syllabus

- Rescue tools, knots & procedures
- Lowers, prussiking, abseils
- Multi pitch evacuation
- Leader and traverse rescues
- Assisted hoists
- Unassisted hoists
- Improvised chest harness
- How to get out of the system to attract help

© Women's Trad Festival | All photos by Charlie Low & Jessie Leong

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