Women's Trad Festival

Women's Trad Festival 2020 will be held from 24-26th in the Peak District. Climbers of all ages, abilities and genders are welcome. Read on for more info about the ticket types that will be available via a ballot, which will open 15th March 2020.

For more information about the ballot, and why we have decided to move to a ballot system this year, there will be a blog post explaining it in detail coming in the next couple of weeks.

How does the ballot work?

1. Decide on your ticket type

Read about the different ticket types available below, and decide which one is right for you, based on your previous experience.

3. Receive an email

On 30th April you will find out via email whether or not you have been successful. If you have, you will have 7 days to pay for your ticket. If you were not successful, you will be added to the waiting list.

2. Fill in the application form

This will take 5-10 mins, and you will need to give information about your previous experience as well as details such as t-shirt size and emergency contact.

Ticket types

Learner ticket

Learners at WTF have the opportunity to develop and hone a range of skills, tailored specifically to what you want to learn and your previous experience. This can range from an introduction and the very basics to learning to lead.

These tickets are aimed at a range of abilities, from those who have never climbed before, to women who may have some indoor experience, or even some trad experience but want to build confidence.

Learn to Lead course

This is an opportunity to focus in-depth on learning and developing your leading skills. Run in conjunction with Mountain Training, this course has a specific syllabus and you will receive a certificate at the end. This course makes an excellent springboard to further climbing qualifications.

Climbing Progression ticket

This ticket is an opportunity for those who can confidently lead trad at any grade to meet other psyched, likeminded climbing partners and hone specific trad climbing skills through various master classes and workshops. 

Rescue course

This is an opportunity to learn the vital skills needed for and self-rescue in both single and multi-pitch environments. This course is run in conjunction with Rock & Sun and supported by DMM. 


Parent & child ticket

This is an opportunity for a parent to attend the festival with their child or children, aged 8 to 18 years old. The parent will be a Learner ticket holder and develop their own skills, while their child (or children) climbs nearby with other children, led by 2 experienced instructors. 

As well as a range of ticket types, there are several other supporting roles which we would not be able to

run the festival without:



These lovely ladies and men take our learner ticket holders out climbing. They all either have at least five years of experience climbing and teaching others to climb, or hold their RCI/SPA or above.

They will spend the weekend teaching gear placements, building anchors, building confidence and some may get their learners leading.


All of our mentors are MIA, and are headed up by Cath Wilson, who is our safety-coordinator.

They spend the weekend at the crags supporting our leaders and climbers, giving advice and assistance where needed. They also give a leader briefing in the mornings.

Core volunteers

We couldn't run the festival without these special people. They support us as organisers in making the festival the best it can be for everyone attending by keeping the site looking fabulous, running registration, selling mugs and raffle tickets, and being generally brilliant all weekend.

Some photos from Women's Trad Festival 2019: