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Lift Sharing

Jul 30

Lift from Penrith on Friday


Can fit probably one other person in my car. Traveling from Penrith on Friday mid morning, hoping to pop into Go Outdoors sheffield on route to pick up new boots I have ordered. Will be bringing a bouldering mat too if anyone fancied a chilled session before 5pm.

and here is my number S, as I don’t know how to send a private message: 00353851338920. mid morning sounds good

I have just tried to call the number but it says its invalid. Could you post it again please?

hey :) do you have any space? Or know anyone else travelling down?

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In an effort to make our festival as environmentally friendly as possible we'd love to minimise the number of cars at the festival. This space has been created for you to discuss lift-sharing to and from the festival.