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Lift Sharing

Jun 28

York to WTF


Hi. I'll be travelling down from York and back again in my van. I'd be glad to share transport ....being a small van theres only room for one passenger really, but there will be loads of room for kit, tent etc.



Hi, I'm travelling from York as well. Are you planning to leave york on friday and drive back sunday? If so, i would be interested in sharing!

Hi lucy.

Yes that's the plan. Happy to share. Can pick you up and drop you off again as you're in York.


That would be great! I live in Fulford so shouldn't be much out the way. My username on Facebook Messenger is m.me/lucy.harris.524934 thats probably best way to communicate from now on :)


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In an effort to make our festival as environmentally friendly as possible we'd love to minimise the number of cars at the festival. This space has been created for you to discuss lift-sharing to and from the festival.