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Instructor directory

Are you looking for an instructor to further your skills after attending a festival? Then have a look through our directory of instructors. Everyone listed here is an experienced and qualified MCI level AMI member instructor. They have all attended Women’s Trad Festival a mentor at least once.We loved them, and so did our festival participants. So we we hope you find what you’re looking for amongst this group of skilled, supportive, warm and inclusive instructors.

North Wales

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Rachael Crewesmith

Rachael can teach of plethora of outdoor mounting skills, including trad climbing, scrambling, and navigation. She specialises in confidence boosting and learn-to-trad.

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Alex Riley

Alex runs Moelwyn Mountineering which offer climbing instruction, guiding and coaching in Snowdonia and North Wales.

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Emma Warren

Emma has a passion for teaching people how to have a safe and fun time in the mountains. She teaches navigation, rock climbing and scramble skills. Get in touch with her to arrange bespoke days out.

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Angus Kille

Angus is an expert climber who teaches all areas of rock climbing, from beginner to performance level, including trad, big wall and fall practice.

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Cat Forster

Cat offers instruction in all aspects of rock climbing, hillwalking and mountaineering with a friendly and supportive instructor.

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Stu Lade

Stu is able to provide climbing and mountaineering instruction and qualification courses such as the Climbing Wall Instructor, Rock Climbing Instructor and Mountain Leader training and assessments.

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Kath James

Kath offers climbing and mountaineering instruction in North Wales. Whether it’s your first time climbing, you want to learn to lead or be guided up some climbs, she can make it happen.

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Vicky Owen

Vicky offers bespoke courses in trad climbing, scrambling and navigation. She loves teaching people at all levels and is passionate about helping people have safe, fun adventures in the outdoors. 

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Peak District


Sally Lisle

Sally offers both short courses and long term mentoring to break barriers in your climbing journey.

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Nicola Taylor

Nicola offers bespoke climbing coaching to further develop your climbing skills. |


Carole Feldman Whyley

Carole offers all types of rock climbing courses, from beginners to learn to lead as well as other mountaineering and navigation courses. She also offers personal development and leadership coaching and coach mentor training.

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Caroline Tombs

Caroline offers rock climbing and mountaineering tuition and guiding.

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Phil Baker

Phil can provide training and and assessments for the Mountain Training RCI award. |

Lake District

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Esther Foster

Esther offers expert coaching in trad, sport and bouldering, both indoors and outdoors. She can provide both 1:1 sessions and group workshops.

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Katie Mackay

Katie provides bespoke climbing and mountaineering tuition, from introductions to climbing outside for the first time to learning how to lead climb on multi-pitch crags.

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Nick Cannon Jones

Nick offers bespoke climbing, scrambling and navigation courses in the Lake District as well as winter mountaineering in Scotland.

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Jay Jackson

Jay offers performance coaching, trad, sport and indoor instruction, as well as professional mentoring services for adventurous activities instructors.

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Andy Cloquet

Andy is as professional Mountaineering Instructor & Teacher. He is based in Scotland and offers quality instruction and guiding throughout the UK. |

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Simon Verspeek

Simon offers instruction and guiding in mountaineering and climbing in the Scottish Highlands, as well as in Snowdonia and the Peak District.

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Mike Mason

Based in the West Highlands of Scotland, Mike can offer all aspects of climbing and mountaineering instruction.

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Rebecca Coles

Rebecca offers climbing and mountaineering instruction and guiding. She runs winter climbing courses in Scotland, as well as trad climbing courses in the Peak District and multipitch climbing and scrambling in Snowdonia.

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Martina Spisiakova

Martina offers both outdoor and indoor climbing tuition. She teaches sport climbing as well as single and multi-pitch trad climbing. She can also deliver CWI and CWDI instructor courses. |

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