Climbers Like Me photo series

If you can see it, you can be it. Anyone can be a role model. Through this series, we want to shine a light on the diverse voices within our climbing community. This is part of our effort to help create an outdoors that is truly welcoming of all. Studies have shown that we are most inspired by people we can relate to - be that gender, age, ethnicity, ability or experience.

If someone identifies as a climber, then they absolutely are a climber and no one can tell them otherwise. NO ONE is too weak, fat, thin, disabled, short, tall, gay, of an ethnic/racial/religious/gender/sexual etc minority or anything else to be marginalised from the climbing community.



I’ve struggled with my self confidence in climbing and pushing my grade, so it’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can try a bit harder. Something that helps me is getting out with strong supportive women, who don’t let you make any excuses for not doing something they know you can! It’s something I will probably always be working on, but it’s all part of the challenge and makes achieving your goals that bit sweeter!



You can be who you want to be and you can do what you set your mind to do. It does NOT have to be done how it’s always been done before. I believe that it’s about the journey and not the finish line. Most importantly, it is your journey, so do it for you. Like no one is watching! Be unique and embrace and enjoy being different.



I am not very muscly, usually shy, introvert and mostly keep to myself...I’d really like people to be open, kinder and not judge a climber by the way they look. It’s really disheartening when I get to a crag and the assumption is that someone who looks like me will only be seconding or top roping. However, I do relish proving these people wrong!



Everyone has their challenges, and what you see on the outside most certainly will not depict what is going on for someone on the inside. Welcome everyone to climbing with open arms, cheer them on however high or low the grade of what they are climbing is, and remember that quote from Alex Lowe - “The best climber is the one having the most fun”.



More role models coming soon...

Each Friday we will post a new role model. We hope that eventually, everyone coming to this series will be able to see themselves represented in some way. If you can't yet, then maybe it's your turn to share your story and inspire others and get in touch

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© Women's Trad Festival | All photos by Charlie Low & Jessie Leong

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