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Climbers Like Me: Annie Grace

Tell us about yourself - who are you and what do you love doing?

I'm 8 years old and have been climbing since I was 3. I love going on adventures and going on holiday. I really like swimming in lakes and scrambling up mountains. Mummy took me climbing when I was 5 and I was really scared, but the more I went climbing the braver I got.

Give us three words that you identify with most?

Kind, funny and brave.

What brings you the most joy outdoors?

Hanging on the rope and trying to climb up the wall and then I love to abseil down. I also love to watch sunsets and have a picnic at the top of a mountain.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

I think maths, but I'm getting better at it now, and sometimes I use maths when I'm climbing to see how many seconds I can do it in.

If you could share a core value or abiding principle with others, what would it be?

Always try as hard as you can, and never give up.

Tell us one small change we can make as individuals to help our community?

Make more kids climbing clubs because I never see lots of kids climbing and it's so much fun. Also, always pick up your litter when you are outdoors.

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