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Past festivals


2022 was another joyous and action-packed weekend of climbing. Heading into its 7th year, the weekend saw over 350 climbers from all over the UK and beyond come together to share their passion for the outdoors. Alongside this, was the return of the ever-popular 'Breaking Barriers' workshop and a series of engaging haybale session. Talks featured everything from sphagnum moss to head game!


With a whole host of tasty veggie and vegan food, morning yoga sessions and plenty of games, there was something for everyone to join in with when they weren't climbing. A few highlights from Saturday night included the BMC 'racking up' competition (which got very heated at times!), a 'rebuild a carabiner' game from DMM, and an informal meditation with BAM ambassador Helen Roscoe.


The Beta Quiet Zone was an exciting new addition to the 2022. Filled with books, blankets and beanbags, it was inspired by feedback from the 2021 event. It was designed to carve out a space for those who may find festivals overwhelming or intense, and allowed them to take a moment of calm, whilst still feeling part of the festival. It was well used over the weekend and became a quiet haven for many.

Festival Feedback

"This was a festival of dreams. I have not stopped smiling since I left the campsite. I have spoken to everyone that will listen about how amazing the experience was."


“I came on your funded ticket, really stuck with how to progress, learn or simply participate in a sport I love. I nearly cancelled so many times, even in tears about how I would cope on my own, would I be good enough, will I be the largest lady there and send my belayer into the sky! How would I get there, I've got no gear, the list goes on but
oh my word... You have things sorted and more, I felt loved supported, able, and alive for the first time in a climbing environment and that is down to the amazing team and beautiful WTF community.”


“WTF showed me that I belong in the climbing community despite my
disability, chronic illness, and mental health.”


After a fallow year due to COVID-19, it is so good to be back. After two years of planning, a lot's been added to this year's festival to try and make it the best yet! New additions alongside morning yoga and breezy ecoloos include the Mountain Training's Learning to Lead workshop and AMI's Breaking Barrier workshop - both prove very popular. 2021 also sees the start of our partnership with AMI, working together to increase the number of mentors at the festival.

33 CharlieLow-2619.jpg

This is a fantastic festival made with community at its heart, a sense of belonging; a space where women support women but are also supported by men who understand the need to create a safe space for women to climb in the outdoors.


Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 17.10.59.png

A totally inspiring weekend for everyone involved, no matter what level they are at. Collaboration and community at it's best.



After months of organisation, we were devastated to have to cancel our 2020 festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, still keen to give something back to our wonderful community we launched our Climbers Like Me Series which set about challenging the old school perception of what it means to be a 'climber'. Alongside this, Rab also launched a film on the four organisers of WTF called 'Over the Edge'. Turned out to be a busy year after all!


Try not to stare at someone if they look different – it is hard because as humans we are curious of things we don’t often see.



Being outdoors and having the space it allows to ‘breath’, away from binary spaces and judgments which has really helped me. 

He/him or they/them


The festival is still growing...we're now over 300 people! Tickets sell out instantly, in the refresh of a page. We add new ticket types, the 'Rescue Course' and 'Parent & Child' tickets, and a masterclass for the Climber ticket holders. Our new home is Clark Farm, with breathtaking views of Sheffield framing the site. The weekend is peppered with morning runs, woodfired pizza, campfire vibes and haybale sessions.

Womens Trad Festival -19-Jessie_Leong-[F

Teaching was a rewarding experience for me. It has got me more psyched for my

MIA training next month.

Morag Eagleson


Womens Trad Festival -19-Jessie_Leong-[F

It is such a fun and supportive environment. I love how involved the sponsors are. It really feels like a little community.

Adele Doran

Rescue Course