Past festivals


The festival is still growing...we're now over 300 people! Tickets sell out instantly, in the refresh of a page. We add new ticket types, the 'Rescue Course' and 'Parent & Child' tickets, and a masterclass for the Climber ticket holders. Our new home is Clark Farm, with breathtaking views of Sheffield framing the site. The weekend is peppered with morning runs, woodfired pizza, campfire vibes and haybale sessions.

Teaching was a rewarding experience for me. It has got me more psyched for my

MIA training next month.

Morag Eagleson


It is such a fun and supportive environment. I love how involved the sponsors are. It really feels like a little community.

Adele Doran

Rescue Course


The team has a rejig - Katy passes the baton to Hetty from Rab, who impressed us last year with her epic organisation. An excellent call. Now we're almost 200 people strong. Tickets sell out in 4 minutes (faster than Glastonbury!). We introduce 'Climber' tickets and move to Thorpe Farm, with excellent views of Stanage. 

I loved the collaboration between climbers, the support and encouragement people showed for strangers, the openness of everyone to share and contribute.

Rochyne McNulty


The festival is full of energy, enthusiasm from everyone - organisers and participants alike, positivity and has thoughtful approach from the organisers.

Hazel Jones

Core Volunteer


Gilly calls up. She and Katy Whittaker want to join the team! We expand in number to 120. Tickets sell out in 24 hours! Tenaya join the sponsorship team, running a cracking BBQ and bringing shoes. We are sponsored by DMM, Tenaya, Rab, 3rd Rock, The BMC, Mountain Training and Outside.

I went to WTF to meet other women who love climbing, to learn from them and just have a great weekend. What I got was this and so much more. I never thought I'd have come away saying I did my first lead climb.

Meg White


It really struck me, walking around listening to the leaders, that every single woman was exhibiting gold-standard practice and teaching. The future is bright if this group of women are our next generation of instructors.'

Rachel Crewesmith

Technical Advisor