Parent & child

This is an opportunity for a parent to attend the festival with their child or children, aged 8 to 18 years old. This ticket is aimed at getting you and your children climbing, both at the weekend and also equipping you with the skills to climb together afterwards. The Parent & child ticket is run in conjunction with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

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Parent & child ticket

Who is this ticket for?

This ticket is for you if:
- Want to attend WTF with your child/ren aged 8-18 and both learn to climb.
- Have some climbing experience indoors, and want to climb outside with your children.

- You hope to meet other climbing parents! 
- Your child is keen to meet and climb with other young climbers. 


Children must be between 8-18. You MUST be the parent or guardian of the children attending. We ask that you and your family have indoor climbing experience, and it would help you make the most of this course if you have had some exposure of being out on a crag. 

What's included?

This two-day workshop is all about getting you and your family climbing, not just for the weekend but equipping you with the skills to be able to spend the rest of your summer enjoying the great rock climbing that the UK is blessed with. Over the two days you will be able to get your children climbing, helping them to learn how to put on a harnesses, tie into the rope, belay and improve their climbing skills. You (and if appropriate your children) will also spend time learning how to place gear, set up bottom ropes, abseil, interpret guidebooks and look at what equipment you might need to be able to do all of this on your own. With two experienced instructors delivering this workshop there is plenty of scope for lots of individualised learning and always enough hands available to keep your children busy until they run out of energy! You will be responsible for your children during the course of the workshop and will be climbing together as a family throughout. 

Please bring your helmet, harness and rock shoes if you have them. If not, please specify what kit your children need within the ballot. Adults may borrow kit from our sponsors at the festival. Instructors will provide ropes and technical equipment (racks). Feel free to bring additional technical kit, including your rack and ropes, and they can be reviewed and discussed as part of the course as you and the instructors look at the equipment you need. 

Tickets include Friday and Saturday night camping, a brightly coloured and ethically produced WTF2021 t-shirt and a sustainable goody bag filled with surprises from our sponsors.

PLEASE NOTE: We are an off-grid festival! You will need to bring a tent/camping equipment and be ready for a weekend without hot water, showers or anywhere to charge your phone. We encourage you to use the festival as an opportunity for a digital detox. We have private cold water washing facilities and gender-neutral loos on site. Van tickets will be available at an additional cost of £15 if you plan on attending in a campervan.

Price: £200 for 1 parent and 1 child

You can fill in the ballot by clicking the button below. You will receive an email by 23rd May as to whether or not you. have been selected for a ticket for WTF2021. Please note that ballot selection is completely random.

The WTF2021 ballot is now closed.