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Info about WTF2022

If you're attending Women's Trad Festival 2022, read on for some key information about this year's festival.

Women's Trad Festival will be held at Clark Farm in the Peak District:

Where is WTF2022?

By train/bus: If you’re coming by train, take a train to Sheffield Railway Station. From there, you can take the number 218 or 272 bus to Ecclesall Road South. Here, change to the number 181 bus which will take you to Hangram Lane. From here it is a 5 minute walk to the festival site.

By car: Simply enter Clark Farms, Hangram Lane Farm, S11 7TQ into Google Maps to get driving directions to the festival site. There is free parking at the site, though we would recommend car sharing where possible to reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you’d like to car share, please post in the WTF2022 car sharing FB group.

By bike: If possible we’d encourage anyone to cycle to the festival! The Peak District is a beautiful place for cycling. You should be able to take your bike on the train, and it’s a 40 minute cycle from Sheffield train station to the festival.

How do I get there?


Festival schedule

​The festival opens at 4pm on Friday. If you join us after 9pm, please come to registration between 7- 8.15am on Saturday. Registration will close at 8.15am.

  • 4-9pm - Registration & Basecamp open

  • 5-9pm - Food vans serving food


Rab will be running an icebreaker session on Friday evening. Head to the Rab stand in Basecamp to join in! Alternatively, if you would prefer a quieter evening, our quiet zone will be full of books so you can relax and have a read.

If you would like to bring a book about climbing (no magazines please) to donate or loan to the festival quiet zone, write a little note in the front with your name (and whether it’s a loan or a donation), and add it to your packing list.


  • 7am - Yoga

  • 7-8.15am - Registration & gear hire open

  • 8.30am - Welcome, then find your group

  • 9-5pm - Go climbing!

  • 5-9pm - Basecamp open & food vans serving food

  • 5.30-8.30pm - Haybale sessions


  • 7am - Yoga

  • 7-8.15am - Gear hire

  • 8.15am - Group photo & goodbye, then find your group

  • 8.30-4.30pm - Go climbing!

  • 4.30pm - Latest time to return gear

  • 5.30pm - Site closes


9 CharlieLow-2300.jpg


There will be several food vans on site Friday and Saturday night, and all will have vegan and gluten free options available. There will also be a wonderful coffee van on site, open from 7-9am each morning and 5-9pm on Saturday evening. All of them will take either card or cash.

Please ensure you bring reusable cups, cutlery and plates/bowls as we won’t have any single use products available. As sustainability is one of our core aims, there will not be any single-use products available at the festival.

You are also welcome to bring your own food, and should ensure you have enough for breakfasts and lunch at the crag (and dinner if you don’t want to buy anything).

Don’t forget you can visit Outside Cafe in Hathersage to get tea, coffee and tasty cakes! Outside are offering 20% off all the brands who support the festival, so pop in for a free tea and filter coffee all weekend in the shop.


Climbing gear: as a learner, you don’t need to bring any of your own gear, and everything you need will be available to borrow. However, if you do have any of your own gear (including shoes, harnesses, helmets etc) please do bring it!

What to bring


Climbing gear: please bring your personal climbing gear - harness, helmet, belay device, shoes and chalk, as well as a rack and rope.

Don’t worry if you can’t bring a rack or rope (e.g. if you don’t have one, or are arriving via train), please just reply to this email to let us know so we can ensure there are enough in each group.

Workshop attendees

Climbing gear: as a leader, please bring all of your own equipment to take two people climbing for the weekend, including ropes and trad rack with spare belay devices. Your learners will be able to borrow harnesses, helmets, and shoes from our sponsors. Please also bring your first aid kit and any other group items you would normally carry.

You will have the opportunity to test out some kit items from our sponsors if you’d like to, but please ensure you have everything you need to instruct.


Climbing gear: as an RCI trainee, please bring all of your own personal equipment for the weekend, including harness, helmet, shoes, ropes, and trad rack. Don’t worry if you can’t bring a rack or rope (e.g. if you don’t have one, or are arriving via train), please just reply to this email to let us know so that we can ensure there are enough in your group.

RCI trainees

Camping gear: tent (or a tarp with poles and pegs), sleeping bag & mat, camping chair, blanket to keep warm in the evening, camping stove and headtorch.

Clothing: comfortable clothing for climbing, comfortable sturdy shoes for walking to the crag, waterproofs, warm clothing for the evenings, sunglasses, sun cream and midge spray.

Food & drink: reusable water bottle, cup, plate & bowl. Any food you need for the weekend. We encourage you to consider packaging and to minimise the amount of rubbish generated.



You will be carefully paired with another learner based on your ability, where you live, or what you hope to get out of the festival. You will find out your group when you arrive and sign in at registration.


If you have a Parent & Child ticket, you will be in a group with the other Parent & Child ticket holders.


Each workshop will be lead by experienced MCI level AMI professionals. They will be your workshop instructors for the whole weekend.

Workshop attendees

We will email you 2-3 weeks before the festival with more information about the learners that you have been paired with, including their climbing experience, what they’d like to get out of the festival, and any medical issues to be aware of. This is so that you can be prepared and know what to expect.

You and two other leaders will also be grouped with an experienced mentor, an MCI level AMI professional. Together as a group you will chose your crag for the day. This is an incredible opportunity to get some mentoring, feedback, and any support you might need from a highly experienced professional. Your mentor is there if you would like to discuss your group's needs or anything unexpected that arises, if you want to discuss alternative ways of doing or teaching something, or if you just want to double-check anything, They will also help you choose the best crag for the conditions, including what to do in wet weather. Overall, they will be a reassuring presence nearby if you need anything as you and your learners explore some of the excellent climbing the Peak District has to offer.

Please know that you can also take this opportunity to ask for advice on your next steps as an instructor, find out about what it's like being an MCI. Above all, this is a wonderful chance to build a connection with someone working in the climbing industry.


You will shadow an MCI mentor and their group on Saturday. We will confirm 2-3 weeks before the festival who this will be. You will spend Sunday with the other RCI trainees on the refresher course run by AMI.

RCI trainees

14 CharlieLow-2359.jpg


We aim to be a zero-waste festival, and we are conscious of this in everything we do. Please be mindful of what you bring to the festival, and try to minimise your single-use plastic usage. There will be recycling on site, and we are striving to send zero waste to landfill, so please help us to achieve this! Please make sure to bring your own cups, plates, utensils etc. as there will be no single-use products available on site.


Please remember that we are an off-grid festival. As such, there are cold water washing facilities (i.e. no showers) on site as well as eco loos. However, there will be no hot water, no showers, and no phone charging facilities. We encourage you to use the festival as an opportunity for a digital detox!


If you test COVID positive before the festival, please do not come to the festival. Let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to make it.


Unfortunately we cannot accommodate dogs at Women’s Trad Festival due to crag and site safety reasons.


Please only bring your van if you have paid for a van ticket. If you have not paid for a van ticket, you will not be able to sleep in your van on site.


If you can no longer make it to WTF2022, please let us know as soon as possible. We are unable to provide refunds from 1st July onwards for any reason, including COVID.


Please remember that no non-ticket holders are allowed on site. This is due to insurance reasons.

Non-ticket holders

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