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Tickets Ballot opening 1st March 2020

Updated: May 10, 2021

Join us for a weekend of trad climbing at the fifth Women's Trad Festival in the Peak District, 24th-26th July 2020! Participate in a unique event and be part of the ever-growing, strong, supportive and psyched community growing around the festival. Learn new skills, develop your climbing and meet and be inspired by other keen climbers. Whether you're new to trad climbing, want to further your skills, or are an experienced trad climber, everyone's welcome, even if you've never climbed before.

All ticket types will be available via a random ballot this year. As tickets sold out instantly last year, we want to make it more accessible. This year you can apply in your own time without needing to be ready at the precise moment tickets are released!

There will be a range of ticket types on offer to cater for those just beginning to trad climb, those wishing to develop their skills, those looking to learn essential self-rescue skills as well as those attending with children.

More information on the ballot and details of individual ticket types to follow.

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